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Form 470
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Form 470 - Online or Mailed Filing

A Form 470 can be filed online, directly onto the SLD's Web site, or by mail. The SLD encourages online filing, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both.


Online Filing Advantages:

  • Speed of posting:
    • The 470 is deemed to have been posted immediately upon completion. New contracts can be signed 28 days thereafter.
  • Error checking:
    • Online field entries are checked as entered. This minimizes potential errors such as incorrect additions or omitted fields.

Online Filing DisAdvantages

  • Field-by-field entry:
    • No provision has been made to prepare a Form 470 offline, then download it online to the SLD. Each field must be entered individually online (although textual fields can be prepared in a word processing program, then copied and pasted online).
  • Online entry:
    • Particularly burdensome for applications involving many entities, each requiring the keying (and checking) of multiple fields of data.
  • Warning:
    • With online entry, the certification and signature page must be printed out before final submission. It must be signed and mailed to the SLD.


Mailed Filing Advantages:

  • Error checking:
    • The Form 470 can prepared offline, and reviewed and double-checked before submission. This is particularly useful for longer and/or more complicated applications.
  • An Excel version of Form 470, available from E-Rate Central, may be useful for those preparing numerous applications on behalf of multiple applicants.

Mailed Filing DisAdvantages:

  • Delays in posting:
    • It may take up to two weeks from the date of mailing a Form 470 to the SLD until it is entered into the system and posted. Delays in posting, and the required 28 day waiting period, could complicate the signing of new contracts.
  • Tip: Applicants submitting Form 470s by mail can check to see if it has been posted by using the "Search Posted Description of Services Requested" feature in the Vendor Area of the SLD web site.
  • Error checking:
    • Errors might be made by the applicant which, when encountered during data entry by the SLD staff, could result in a return of the Form and extensive delays until corrections can be made.
  • Data entry errors, or unanticipated formatting changes, may be introduced by the SLD