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Form 470
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Form 470 Application Tips for Block 2

Service or Function

Quantity and/or Capacity

Telecommunications – Item (8):
      Local and long distance voice services 50 existing or new phone lines
      Cellular/PCS services 20 existing or new users
      Paging services 25 existing or new users
      High-speed access (ISDN, T-1, OC3, etc.) 5 buildings (wired or wireless)
      Videoconferencing links 5 buildings

Internet Access – Item (9):

      Dedicated access services 5 buildings (wired or wireless)
      Dial-up services 25 user accounts
      Internet access service routers 5 buildings
Internal Connections – Item (10):
      New or upgraded LAN network 5 buildings (wired or wireless)
      New or upgraded telephone systems 5 buildings
      LAN and/or telephone system maintenance 5 buildings
      Video distribution equipment 5 buildings
      Internet access service routers 5 buildings