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Form 471
Application Tips
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FCC Form 471 "Services Ordered and Certification Form" is the second form that must be filed by a school or library in the E-rate application process. Its purpose is to individually list all contracts and services for which the applicant is requesting discounts. To have any chance of being approved, Form 471 must be submitted within the SLD's application window period (typically announced by the SLD in October).


Form Instructions:
Detailed instructions for completing a Form 471, either online or by mail, can be found on the SLD's web site at: 471 Application Guidance.
Block 4 Tips:
Discount rates should be based on student eligibility for the National School Lunch Program, not simply on student participation. For guidance on maximizing discount levels, see Discount Rate Optimization.

Although applicants are fully entitled to use alternative methods to determine student eligibility, the SLD application review team has access only to state Free and Reduced Price Lunch participation data. Applicants should be prepared to thoroughly document any significant differences between eligibility and participation data.


Block 5 Tips:

Tip 1:

Applications filed on paper must use the newest version of Form 471 which is available in our Forms Rack.


Tip 2:
A supplier's legal name is often different from the name it uses for business. SLD reviewers will often question apparent mismatches between SPINS and Service Provider Names.

The following steps can be taken to find or check the correct SPIN of a service provider:

When in doubt, call the vendor's sale representative directly or use the SPIN contact search function available in the Reference Area of the SLD's Web site.

Hint: The SLD's search mechanism is very sensitive to company name. If the full and formal name is not known, enter the start of the name followed by a "%" for a "wild card" search as described in the directions.

If the search yields multiple contacts for a vendor, start by calling the person listed geographically closest. We have found that some listed contacts know little about the E-rate program (or that they're even supposed to be the contact). Keep calling until you find a knowledgeable person. A reverse lookup capability is provided in the Vendor Area of the SLD's Web site under the button marked "Service Provider Information by SPIN." By entering a SPIN number, you can see the name of the associated vendor (if assigned).

  • A list of SPINs for vendors doing business within New York State has been compiled by E-Rate Central and is available on this Web site under NYS Vendor Information. This list should be used with extreme care. Many vendors utilize a series of SPINs for different divisions or geographic sales territories (possibly distinguishing between upstate and downstate). E-Rate Central does not warrant the accuracy of this list. It is provided only to help applicants determine if a typo had been made in the recording of a SPIN in a FCDL. The final authority on any SPIN should be the vendor.
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