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Appendix 2:  Sample Technology Vision Statement

Courtesy of Montana Office of Public Instruction

Vision statements for technology integration express the fundamental beliefs that guide a district in their efforts to infuse technology into the instructional and administrative programs.  Belief statements might include thoughts such as:

  • Technology is a tool to improve student motivation and learning.
  • Classroom teachers will become guides directing students in learning activities rather than being the conveyors of facts and information.
  • Technology will benefit students in the following ways:
    • They will have greater control over their own learning,
    • They will be able to adapt to our rapidly changing society, and
    • They will be able to create, access, exchange, and analyze information readily from electronic sources.
  • Technology supports learning by:
    • Serving as a toll for teaching and learning,
    • Accommodating different curriculum needs,
    • Accommodating different learning styles, and
    • Providing access to information.

Sample elements of a vision statement might include:

  • All students in a school district will be able to access and effectively use any information needed to function as a productive member of the 21st century society.
  • Teachers in the district will be able to use state-of-the-art technologies to prepare and deliver their lessons.