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E-Rate Central and Your Privacy

At E-Rate Central we respect your right to privacy and we understand that, as a visitor to E-Rate Central, you have a right to control your own personal information and preferences. For this reason, we may ask you to register or to provide personal information and preferences when you visit certain areas of E-Rate Central, download files, request information, or subscribe to the E-Rate Weekly News.

We will guard the personal information you share with us to ensure the content, services, and advertising that we provide on E-Rate Central (and related E-rate sites) are always tailored to your current, designated preferences.

When you provide E-Rate Central with your name, mailing address, or telephone number, E-Rate Central representatives may use your postal address and phone number to alert you to special offers, updated information, classes, new services or E-rate matters effecting your entity.

When you provide E-Rate Central with your e-mail address (as an alternative to, or in addition to, your mailing address and phone number), E-Rate Central may contact you via e-mail. E-Rate Central never releases e-mail addresses to its representatives. E-Rate Central also does not offer, or allow for the selling, of any user-provided information to third parties.

If you do not want E-Rate Central representatives to contact you, you may "opt out" of this preference at any time, whether you're online or contacting E-Rate Central directly. As part of your preference flexibility, you'll always have the option to opt [back] in and have E-Rate Central contact you based on your previous or new preferences. For detailed instructions, please see the section "Contact Us," below.

If you choose not to register or provide personal information, you can still visit most of E-Rate Central 's Web sites; however, you will not have access to areas that require personal identification.

How E-Rate Central will protect your personal information

E-Rate Central will always protect the personal information that you share with us. E-Rate Central stores information internally in a controlled, secure environment.

If E-Rate Central requests general demographic information, this information is limited to reporting purposes only; visitors remain anonymous. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and postal addresses are never shared for demographic reports with outside entities.

For us at E-Rate Central the most important thing is that you make the choice that is best for you.

Contact us

You can help E-Rate Central maintain the accuracy of your personal information by notifying us when you change your name, address, title, phone number, e-mail address, or your content preferences. If at any time you wish to update your information or preferences, or you prefer to stop receiving communication from E-Rate Central, feel free to contact us at any time. E-Rate Central Privacy contacts include:

Click here to access our online contact form.

E-Rate Central
400 Post Avenue
Suite 410
Westbury, NY 11590

If you change your e-mail or postal address, please contact E-Rate Central. In order to make the appropriate corrections, please include both your old and new address.

E-Rate Central would like to receive your comments and questions about this Privacy Policy

Please address comments or questions regarding E-Rate Central 's Privacy Policy to one of the addresses listed above (for online, e-mail, or postal mail). E-Rate Central may occasionally update, amend, or change this Privacy Policy based on user feedback and as needed or appropriate. Notice of revisions will always be posted on this Privacy Web page.


E-Rate Central's Web sites contain links to other "non-E-Rate" sites. E-Rate Central assumes no responsibility for the content or the privacy policies and practices of such Web sites.