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February 28, 2022


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The FY 2022 Form 471 Application Window will close on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. EDT.  February 22nd was the last possible day to file a Form 470 for FY 2022 and still meet the required 28-day posting requirement.


Wave 46 for FY 2021 was released on Thursday, February 24th, for only $1.77 million.  Cumulative commitments are now $2.61 billion.  Nationwide, USAC has now funded 98.5% of the FY 2021 applications representing 93.2% of the requested funding.


Wave 10 was released on February 23rd for a total of $86.2 million.  Cumulative ECF commitments are $4.54 billion.  Nationwide, USAC has funded 88.6% of filed applications.  Authorized disbursements as of last Friday totaled $283 million.

Responding quickly to the request of ECF stakeholders (see our newsletter of February 14th), the FCC issued an Order (DA 22-176) last week extending the service delivery deadline for first and second window ECF applicants from June 30, 2022, to June 30, 2023.  The service delivery extension applies to both internet services and connected devices.  We applaud the FCC for making this swift and beneficial decision for applicants nationwide.

Important exception:  The service delivery extension does not apply to funding for the construction of new networks or the provision of customer premises equipment for datacasting services.  The service delivery deadline for either of these two rarely requested services remains one-year from the FCDL approval date.

By extending the service delivery deadline one year, the FCC is assuring that ECF applicants funded for twelve months of recuring internet services not fully utilized by June 30, 2022, or for equipment purchases stalled because of supply chain problems will be able to fully utilize their approved funding.  The extension of the service delivery deadline to June 30, 2023, will also extend the invoice deadline for all these funding requests to August 29, 2023.

The FCC’s extension order recognizes that some applicants may have already reduced their funding requests, perhaps due to funding decision delays, because of the perceived inability to fully use their funding by June 30, 2022.  So as not to penalize those applicants now that the service deadline has been extended, the FCC indicated that such applicants may submit waivers “asking that the voluntarily reduced funds be restored to those funding requests and subject to the updated June 30, 2023, service delivery date.”

Upcoming Dates:

March 4 Form 486 deadline for FY 2021 covering funding committed in Wave 30.  More generally, the Form 486 deadline is 120 days from the FCDL date or from the service start date (typically July 1st), whichever is later.  Upcoming Form 486 deadlines are:
Wave 31            03/11/2022
Wave 32            03/18/2022
Wave 33            03/24/2022
March 16 FCC comments due on the Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the Affordable Connectivity Program (“ACP”) (FCC 22-2).  Reply comments are due April 15th.  See FCC Public Notice (DA 22-152).
March 22     FY 2022 Form 471 Application Filing Window closes at 11:59 p.m. EDT.
March 28 FCC comments due on the FCC’s proposal to create an E-rate competitive bidding portal (FCC 21-124).  Reply comments are due April 27th.

USAC’s Emergency Connectivity Fund Program Newsletter of February 22, 2022, notes the FCC’s ECF service delivery extension decision, discussed in more detail above, and repeats the reimbursement reminders from the previous week.