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December 26, 2022


The E-Rate Central News for the Week is prepared by E-Rate Central. E-Rate Central specializes in providing consulting, compliance, and forms processing services to E-rate applicants. To learn more about our services, please contact us by phone (516-801-7804), fax (516-801-7814), or through our Contact Us web form. Additional E-rate information is located on the E-Rate Central website.

E-Rate for FY 2022:

Wave 36 for FY 2022 was issued on Thursday, December 22nd, for $9.22 million.  Cumulative commitments to date are $2.79 billion.  Nationwide, USAC has funded 98.0% of the FY 2022 applications representing 93.2% of the requested funding.

ECF for 2021-2023:

Wave 14 for Window 3 was issued on Monday, December 19th, for $65.2 million.   Total commitments for all three ECF windows are $6.47 billion.  Nationwide, USAC has funded 80.7% of the ECF applications representing 66.1% of the requested funding.  Window 3 applications are now being funded down to the 75% rural band.  Total disbursements as of last Friday were $2.56 billion.


Upcoming Dates:

December 30     The Form 486 deadline for FY 2022 Wave 20.  More generally, the Form 486 deadline is 120 days from the FCDL date or from the service start date (typically July 1st), whichever is later.  Upcoming Form 486 deadlines are:
Wave 21            01/06/2023
Wave 22            01/13/2023
Wave 23            01/20/2023
Wave 24            01/27/2023
January 5 USAC’s FY 2023 Eligible Services webinar (register).
January 6 Last day of the PIA winter deferral period.
January 9 ACP application window deadline (DA 22-1213) for the FCC’s outreach pilot programs for potential participation by schools, libraries, and others (see our newsletter of August 15th).  See also the FCC and USAC announcements of the opening of the ACP application window.
January 16 Close of the Administrative Window; last chance to update EPC entity profiles for FY 2023.  Thereafter, entity profiles will be locked until the close of the Form 471 application widow.
January 18 Opening of the FY 2023 application window.
February 13 Comments due on requests to allow the use of E-rate funds for advanced or next generation firewalls and/or other network security features (DA 22‑1315).  Reply comments are due March 30th.
February 28 Last possible date — please do not wait until then — to file a Form 470 for FY 2023 in order to: (a) meet the 28-day posting period; (b) close the bidding process and select the winning bidder(s); (c) sign the necessary contract(s); and (d) file the Form 471 application(s), all on the last day of the application window.
March 28 Closing of the FY 2023 application window at 11:59 p.m. EDT.