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April 17, 2023


The E-Rate Central News for the Week is prepared by E-Rate Central. E-Rate Central specializes in providing consulting, compliance, and forms processing services to E-rate applicants. To learn more about our services, please contact us by phone (516-801-7804), fax (516-801-7810), or through our Contact Us web form. Additional E-rate information is located on the E-Rate Central website.

E-Rate for FY 2023:

The Form 471 application window for FY 2023 closed Tuesday, March 28th.  USAC has not formally released preliminary demand statistics, but Open Data shows the following In Window funding requests.

Cat. 1 $ 1,653,235,819
Cat. 2 1,284,379,560
Total $ 2,937,615,397

Many FY 2023 applications have already been reviewed, are currently categorized as “Wave Ready,” and are likely to be funded when USAC begins releasing FY 2023 funding waves later this month.

E-Rate for FY 2022:

Wave 52 for FY 2022 was issued on Thursday, April 13th, for $409 thousand.  Nationwide, USAC has funded 98.6% of the FY 2022 applications representing 96.8% of the requested funding.  Cumulative FY 2022 commitments to date are $2.84 billion.

ECF for 2021-2023:

Wave 31 for Windows 1 & 2 and Wave 22 for Window 3 were issued on Wednesday, April 12th, for $2.53 million.  Total commitments for all three ECF windows are $6.62 billion.  Nationwide, USAC has funded 86.2% of the ECF applications representing 67.6% of the requested funding.  Window 3 applications are being funded down to the 65% rural band.  Total disbursements as last reported on March 31st were $3.01 billion.

Upcoming Dates:

April 21 The Form 486 deadline for FY 2022 Wave 36.  More generally, the Form 486 deadline is 120 days from the FCDL date or from the service start date (typically July 1st), whichever is later.  Upcoming Form 486 deadlines are:
Wave 37              04/28/2023
Wave 38              05/05/2023
Wave 39              05/12/2023
April 24 Due date for submitting comments on the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC 23-10) to further improve E-rate program rules and encourage greater Tribal participation (and potentially other small applicants) in the E-rate program (see our newsletter of February 6th).  Reply comments are due by May 23rd.
April 25     USAC webinar on the Program Integrity Assurance (“PIA”) and Selective Review processes (register).
May 8 Due date for submitting comments on the USDA’s proposed change to expand CEP participation by lowering the ISP threshold from 40% to 25% (see our newsletter of March 27th).
June 30 Unless subsequently extended by the FCC, at least for late-approved Window 1 and Window 2 applications, June 30th is the last day to receive service for home internet access and device purchases.  The invoice deadline for these services is August 29, 2023.