State Level Services

E-Rate Central has experience representing the interests at the state level and is the current E-rate Coordinator for 6 states (New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico and Virginia). As part of our service, we

  • Collaborate with your DOE to provide state level support.
    • Assist the DOE in preparation of reports for state, county and local officials.
    • Coordinate requests from USAC regarding student eligibility and entity validation.
  • File statewide consortia applications
    • Serve as the point of contact for SLD reviews.
    • Monitor PIA response deadlines to ensure requests for information are fulfilled timely.
  • Represent your state’s interests in the State E-rate Coordinators Alliance and/or the American Library Association which includes:
    • Participation in weekly calls with USAC and/or the FCC.
    • Attending the National SECA or ALA meetings.
  • Create and conduct E-rate training's tailored to your state. 
  • Provide a weekly newsletter containing information about important program updates. 
  • Monitor FCC decisions and the potential ramifications.
  • Notify applicants of upcoming deadlines.
  • Prepare and submit FCC filings on E-rate issues. 
  • Review current procurements and guide future procurements to ensure program compliance with E-rate’s complex competitive bidding rules.
  • Escalate important issues to the appropriate USAC and/or FCC staff.
  • Provide individual applicant “help desk” support in responding to individual questions via email or phone.