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FCC Orders & Appeals

E-rate program rules are based upon the initial guidelines established by Federal-State Joint Board and a series of orders released by the FCC.

 The Telecommunications Act of 1996.

FCC NameCommon NameIssue DateFile
FCC 14-189Second E-Rate Modernization Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration12/19/2014View
FCC 14-99E-Rate Modernization Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking07/23/2014View
FCC 11-125Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Report and Order08/11/2011View
FCC 10-175Sixth Report and Order09/28/2010View
FCC 04-190Fifth Report and Order08/13/2004View
FCC 04-181Order on Reconsideration and Fourth Report and Order07/30/2004View
FCC 03-323Third Report and Order12/23/2003View
FCC 03-101Second Report and Order04/29/2003View
FCC 02-175First Report and Order06/13/2002View
FCC 02-8Notice of Proposed Rule Making and Order01/25/2002View
FCC 01-120Children's Internet Protection Act04/05/2001View
DA 99-3013Permanent Extension Order12/28/1999View
FCC 98-247Seventh Order on Reconsideration09/29/1998View
FCC 98-120Fifth Order on Reconsideration06/28/1998View
FCC 97-420Fourth Order on Reconsideration12/30/1997View
FCC 97-400Second Order on Reconsideration11/26/1997View
FCC 97-380Third Order on Reconsideration10/14/1997View
FCC 97-157Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service08/08/1997View
FCC 97-246First Order on Reconsideration07/10/1997View
FCC 96J-3Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service Recommended Decision11/07/1996View