Appeal Tips

Do you feel you have been improperly denied E-Rate funding?

You have options!

  • Funding denied???

  • Funding reduced???

  • Missed filing deadlines for Form 471, 486, BEARs?!?

We are in your court and will fight for the funding you are entitled to!

Appeals Support

E-Rate applications are often denied or funding reduced. In some cases program audits result in a Funding Commitment Adjustment (COMAD) and requests to return program funds to the Administrator. All funding denials and commitment adjustments can be appealed.

Applicants have the right to appeal adverse decisions of the Administrator. E-Rate Central has the expertise and resources to assist schools and libraries with appeals to both the Administrator and Federal Communications Commission.

Appeals must be submitted within 60 days of an Administrator decision and must be filed in a specific format.  

E-Rate Central has a proven track record of successfully overturning Administrator decisions and will fight to secure E-Rate funding to deserving applicants. 

If you have been denied funding or facing a demand to return funds, contact our appeal experts today!