Form 498

Purpose of FCC Form 498

 The FCC Form 498 is used to collect contact, remittance, and payment information for service providers and applicants that receive support from the federal universal service programs.  You must report any changes to this information on a revised FCC Form 498 to prevent any delays in notification and the timeliness of disbursements.

User Roles and Permissions

 User rights are provided on a form-by-form basis. The designated rights are:

• School or Library Official - Full Rights: The user can create, edit, and certify these forms.

• General Financial Contact - Partial Rights: The user can create (start) and edit these forms; however, they are not able to certify the form. Upon the completion of data entry, the system will be automatically routed to the full rights user(s) in your organization for certification.

• No Access - No Rights: The user cannot sign.     

Things you will need before you file your FCC Form 498

I. Determine who will be the “General Financial Contact”

II. Federal Employer Identification Number (i.e., tax ID)

III. Dun and Bradstreet Number (DUNS):

IV. FCC Registration Number

V. Remittance Contact

VI. Financial Information:

After you certify the FCC Form 498, USAC will need to verify the bank information.  To assist:

Please direct any questions about completing this form to USAC via: