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FCC Orders & Appeals

E-rate program rules are based upon the initial guidelines established by Federal-State Joint Board and a series of orders released by the FCC.

FCC NameCommon NameIssue DateFile
FCC 11-60Corrections Order04/14/2011View
FCC 10-122Academy of Math and Science07/08/2010View
DA 08-2385Cannon-McMillan School District10/30/2008View
DA 08-2380Approach Learning and Assessment Centers10/30/2008View
DA 08-2377Adams County Public Library10/30/2008View
DA 07-4973Advanced Education Services12/12/2007View
DA 07-2111Brewster Academy05/18/2007View
FCC 07-63Aberdeen School District05/08/2007View
FCC 07-62Bootheel Consortium05/08/2007View
FCC 07-61Aiken County Public Schools05/08/2007View
FCC 07-60Academy of Excellence05/08/2007View
FCC 07-37Brownsville03/28/2007View
FCC 07-36Alpaugh Unified03/28/2007View
FCC 07-35Adams County03/28/2007View
DA 07-1180Academy for Academic Excellence03/09/2007View
DA 06-1907Academia Claret09/21/2006View
DA 06-1871Alaska Gateway09/14/2006View
DA 06-1642Academia Discipulos08/15/2006View
FCC 06-55Pattern Analysis05/19/2006View
FCC 06-54Bishop Perry05/19/2006View