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E-Rate Bulletins 2016

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FCC Denies Ada School District Et Al. Requests for Waiver of Invoicing Deadlines (DA 16-448)
By the Chief, Telecommunications Access Policy Division, Wireline Competition Bureau: Consistent with precedent and in accordance with Commission guidance in the E-rate Modernization Order, we deny the requests for waiver listed in the Appendix, all of which seek waiver of the E-rate program rules governing invoicing deadlines. As described in greater detail below, compliance with the invoicing rules is straightforward for applicants and service providers and important for the efficient administration of the E-rate program. The rules allow billed entities and service providers to seek and automatically receive a one-time extension of the invoicing deadlines, provided that the extension request is made in advance of the initial invoicing deadline. None of the petitioners timely sought such an extension, and none present evidence that would justify waiving the requirement that invoice extension requests be filed before the invoicing deadline.
(more) 04/25/2016
FCC Modernizes Lifeline Program for the Digital Age
WASHINGTON, March 31, 2016 – The Federal Communications Commission today modernized and reformed its Lifeline program to help low income consumers afford access to the 21st Century's vital communications network: the Internet.
(more) 03/31/2016
FCC Releases Streamlined Resolution of Requests Related to Actions by USAC (DA 16-334)
FCC Releases Streamlined Resolution of Requests Related to Actions by USAC (DA 16-334)
(more) 03/30/2016
Multiple FBI Raids in Brooklyn, Upstate NY Investigate Possible E-Rate and NSLP Fraud
Federal raids last week of yeshivas in Brooklyn and in Rockland and Orange Counties in New York have set Hasidic communities on edge, as concern spreads about a possible government crackdown on Orthodox exploitation of the federal E-Rate technology subsidy program.
(more) 03/24/2016
FBI E-Rate Fraud Probe Extends To New York City Yeshivas
The FBI raided charedi Orthodox yeshivas and technology vendors that serve them in Brooklyn and in New York's Rockland County, but declined to state publicly the details of the investigations.
(more) 03/17/2016
Remarks of Commissioner Rosenworcel at CUE16 on Closing the Homework Gap
Remarks of Commissioner Rosenworcel at CUE16 on Closing the Homework Gap (Palm Springs, California)
(more) 03/17/2016
FCC Office of Managing Director Proposes 2nd Quarter 2016 USF Contribution Factor (DA 16-266)
In this Public Notice, the Office of Managing Director (OMD) announces that the proposed universal service contribution factor for the second quarter of 2016 will be 0.179 or 17.9 percent.
(more) 03/10/2016
FCC Releases Streamlined Resolution of Requests Related to Actions by USAC (DA 16-220)
Streamlined Resolution of Requests Related to Actions by Universal Service Administrative Company
(more) 02/29/2016
FCC Releases Streamlined Resolution of Requests Related to Actions by USAC (DA 16-101)
Pursuant to our procedure for resolving requests for review, requests for waiver, and petitions for reconsideration of decisions related to actions taken by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) that are consistent with precedent (collectively, Requests), the Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) grants, dismisses, or denies the following Requests. The deadline for filing petitions for reconsideration or applications for review concerning the disposition of any of these Requests is 30 days from release of this Public Notice.
(more) 01/29/2016
FCC Chairman Wheeler Names Six Members to the USAC Board of Directors (DA 16-18)
Chairman Tom Wheeler hereby appoints six members to the Board of Directors of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). In a public notice released October 16, 2015, the Wireline Competition Bureau solicited nominations for the Board member positions listed below in accordance with section 54.703(c) of the Commission's rules.
(more) 01/08/2016
FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Draft Fact Sheet of the 2016 Broadband Progress Report
Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 requires the FCC to determine whether "advanced telecommunications capability" -- broadband -- is being deployed to all Americans in a "reasonable and timely fashion." If the answer is negative, the Act requires the FCC to "take immediate action" to speed deployment. Following is a summary of Chairman Wheeler’s draft of the 2016 Broadband Progress Report, which he is circulating to his fellow commissioners for their consideration at the January 28 Open Meeting.
(more) 01/07/2016
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