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E-Rate Bulletins 2017

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FCC Releases Streamlined Resolution of Requests Related to Actions by USAC (DA 17-505)
(more) 05/31/2017
WCB Grants Petitions for Reconsideration Filed by Jefferson RL and White Lake SD (DA 17-526)
(more) 05/30/2017
Wireline Competition Bureau Directs USAC to Fully Fund C1 and C2 Requests (DA 17-507)
(more) 05/24/2017
USAC Sends the FCC the E-Rate Demand Estimate for FY 2017
(more) 05/17/2017
Questions Over New Construction Projects Raise More Worries About E-Rate's Future
There's a new worry for schools and libraries already jittery about possible changes to the popular federal E-rate program. But what's not clear is whether the issue signals a larger shift in priorities at the Federal Communications Commission, an ongoing problem with the E-rate's cumbersome application process, or both.
(more) 05/17/2017
WCB Approves USACís FY 2017 Form 471 PIA Review Procedures (DA 17-462)
(more) 05/12/2017
Chairman Pai Replies to Letter by Senators Markey and Sullivan Supporting the E-rate Program
(more) 05/08/2017
FCC Commissioner Michael OíRiellyís Statement on the Resignation of USACís CEO
(more) 05/04/2017
USAC Board of Directors Accepts the Resignation of Chris Henderson, USAC's CEO
WASHINGTON, May 4, 2017. ó The USAC Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Mr. Chris Henderson, USAC's CEO, on May 3, 2017. Mr. Henderson has served as USAC's CEO since September 2014. During his tenure, Mr. Henderson led the company through a period of tremendous growth and change focused on enhancing program integrity and improving the stakeholder experience, as part of fulfilling the FCCís universal service mission. The Board thanks Mr. Henderson for his leadership and wishes him continued success in his future endeavors.
(more) 05/04/2017
Federal Universal Service Support Mechanisms Fund Size Projections for Third Quarter 2017
The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) hereby submits the federal Universal Service Support Mechanisms fund size and administrative cost projections for the third quarter of calendar year 2017 (3Q2017), in accordance with Section 54.709 of the Federal Communications Commissionís (FCC or Commission) rules.
(more) 05/02/2017
FCC Releases Streamlined Resolution of Requests Related to Actions by USAC (DA 17-385)
Pursuant to our procedure for resolving requests for review, requests for waiver, and petitions for reconsideration of decisions related to actions taken by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) that are consistent with precedent (collectively, Requests), the Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) grants, dismisses, or denies the following Requests. The deadline for filing petitions for reconsideration or applications for review concerning the disposition of any of these Requests is 30 days from release of this Public Notice.
(more) 04/28/2017
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