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E-Rate Bulletins 2017

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FCC Grants Limited Waivers of Service Classification Requirements in FY 2017 ESL (DA 17-151)
In this Order, the Wireline Competition Bureau, on its own motion, grants two limited waivers of the requirement to comply with certain category of service classification standards established in the funding year 2017 E-rate Eligible Services List (FY 2017 ESL). First, as described below, we waive the obligation to apply the FY 2017 ESL classification standards to connections provided under pre-existing multi-year contracts if doing so would change the eligibility of the connections from Category Two to Category One. Second, for funding year 2017 applications, we waive the requirement to classify connections between different schools and libraries sharing a single building as Category One services. Pursuant to this waiver, applicants may elect to seek Category Two funding for customerowned or -controlled inside wiring that connects different schools and libraries within the same building
(more) 02/08/2017
Senator Bill Nelson Criticizes FCC Decision to Rescind FCC Staff Paper on E-Rate Modernization
(more) 02/08/2017
FCC Sets Aside, Rescinds, and Retracts FCC Staff Paper on E-Rate Modernization (DA 17-129)
On January 18, 2017, FCC staff released a report titled "E-rate Modernization Progress Report." By this Order, and pursuant to our existing delegated authority, including Section 1.113 of the Commission's rules, the undersigned now set aside and rescind the Report. The Report will have no legal or other effect or meaning going forward.
(more) 02/03/2017
FCC Staff Paper: E-Rate Modernization - Progress and the Road Ahead
The attached report examines the progress of E‐rate modernization since the adoption of the two major E‐rate Modernization Orders in the second half of 2014.
(more) 01/18/2017
FCC Issues Memorandum Opinion and Order Denying Net56ís Application for Review (FCC 17-1)
In this Memorandum Opinion and Order (Order), we deny an application for review(AFR) filed by Net56, Inc. (Net56). Net 56 seeks review of the portion of the Wireline Competition Bureauís (Bureau) Academia Avance Order affirming a decision of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) seeking to recover funds disbursed from the schools and libraries universal service support program (more commonly known as the E-rate program) to Country Club Hills School District 160 (Country Club Hills) for funding years 2006, 2007, and 2008.
(more) 01/17/2017
FCC Releases Streamlined Resolution of Requests Related to Actions by USAC (DA 17-67)
Pursuant to our procedure for resolving requests for review, requests for waiver, and petitions for reconsideration of decisions related to actions taken by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) that are consistent with precedent (collectively, Requests), the Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) grants, dismisses, or denies the following Requests. The deadline for filing petitions for reconsideration or applications for review concerning the disposition of any of these Requests is 30 days from release of this Public Notice.
(more) 01/17/2017
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