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FCC Form 471

Form 471 must be filed to request discounts on eligible services for eligible schools, libraries, and consortia of those entities. Form 471 must be filed AFTER an FCC Form 470, which must be posted on the SLD web site for at least 28 days before the Form 471 is filed. This 28-day waiting period must occur before you may execute any contracts for contracted services, as applicable; before you select your service provider for tariffed or month-to-month services; and before you submit your completed Form 471. It is possible that a Form 470 posted in a prior funding year may be used where such a form resulted in a multi-year contract.

Each Billed Entity must file a Form 471 application. Thus, even if several billed entities together filed a single Form 470, each billed entity must file a separate Form 471.

Note: An entity is considered a “billed entity” if it is responsible for making payments directly to a service provider. An entity that receives a bill, but does not make payments to the service provider on that bill, is not a billed entity. A billed entity may or may not itself qualify for discounts under the universal service support mechanism for schools and libraries.

IMPORTANT:  Submission of this form can only be accomplished electronically.  Any forms submitted by paper will be rejected and returned to the sender.