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SPIN/Service Provider Change Letters

A “Corrective SPIN Change” letter is used to correct a SPIN. The critical factor in a “Corrective” situation is that no real vendor change occurs. The SPIN shown on a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (“FCDL”) could be in error because it had been provided incorrectly on the Form 471, it had been changed by the supplier as the result of a merger or internal consolidation, or it was incorrectly changed by the SLD during the review and data entry process. If the SPIN shown in the FCD letter is wrong, the supplier name could also be wrong. Both need to be corrected.

An “Operational SPIN Change” letter must be used when a service is actually switched from one vendor to another. This will be allowed only if several conditions are met. First, the change must be allowed under all applicable state and local procurement rules. Second the change must be allowable under the terms of the contract, if any, between the applicant and the original service provider. In other words, there must be no breach of contract. In the case of services provided under tariff or month-to-month billing arrangements, there are no contractual problems (although termination charges may apply). Finally, the applicant must have notified its original service provider of its intent to change service provider. Operational SPIN Change letters are required to contain certifications that these conditions have been met.


Spin Change Letter in PDF format Spin Change Letter in Word format Model Correctional SPIN Change Letter
Operational SPIN Change Letter in PDF format Operational SPIN Change Letter in Word format Model Operational SPIN Change Letter

Additional information on SPIN changes can be found in the Reference Section of the SLD Web site (see SPIN Change Guidance). Note that the SLD requires contact information (name, telephone, and e-mail) for both the original and new service providers. Name and telephone information is available in the BEAR/SPIN Search area of the SLD Web site (see BEAR/SPIN Search). E-mail addresses can often be obtained from the service provider’s own Web site (use “N/A” if the e-mail address is not available).

All letters should also include full contact information of the requesting party. An e-mail address is particularly important for receiving the SLD’s approval notification.