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Technology Acronyms


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Select a letter above to access the technology acronyms in alphabetical order.

CAC - Connection Admission Control

CAD/CAM - Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAP - Customer Administration Panel

CATV - Community Antenna TeleVision or CAble TeleVision

CBR - Constant Bit Rate

CITT - Consultative Committee on International Telephone and Telegraph (now ITU)

CCS - Common Channel Signaling

CCSS7 - Common Channel Signaling System 7

CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access

CDO - Community Dial Office or Codial Office

CDV - Cell Delay Variation

CDVT - Cell Delay Variation Tolerance

CEC - Common Equipment Card

CEI - Connection Endpoint Identifier (UNI 3.0)

CEMF - Counter EMF Cells

CER - Cell Error Ratio

CES - Circuit Emulation Service

CHAP- Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

CI - Congestion Indicator

CIP - Classical IP over ATM

CIR - Committed Information Rate

CIX - Commercial Internet Exchange

CLIP - Classical IP

CLP - Cell Loss Priority

CLR - Cell Loss Ratio

CLS - Connectionless Service

CMIP - Common Management Information Protocol

CMIS - Common Management Information Service

CMISE - Common Management Information Service Element

CMYK - Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black

CNR - Complex Node Representation (ATM Forum, PNNI SWG)

CO - Central Office

CO - Connection-Oriented

Codec - Coder/Decoder

CPCS - Common Part Convergence Sublayer

CPE - Customer Premise Equipment

CPI - Common Part Indicator

Crankback IE - Crankback Information Element

CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Check

CRF - Cell Relay Function

CRF(VC) - Virtual Channel Connection Related Function (related to UPC/UNI 3.0)

CRF(VP) - Virtual Path Connection Related Function (related to UPC/UNI 3.0)

CRS - Cell Relay Service

CS - Convergence Sublayer

CSB - Client Service Bureau (also known as Customer Service Bureau; housed at NCS)

CSMA - Carrier Sense Multiple Access

CSMA/CD - Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection

CSU - Channel Service Unit

CTD - Cell Transfer Delay

CVSD - Continuously Variable Slope Delta modulation


D - Delta (Q3B+D)

D/A - Digital to analog conversion

DAC - Dual Attached Concentrator

DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DAS -Dual Attached Station

DAT - Digital Audio Tape

dB - Decibel

dBrnC - Weighted Electrical Noise

DC - Direct Current

DCC - Data Country Code

DE - Discard Eligibility

DES - Destination End System

DFA - Distribution Fuse Alarm

DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DIP - Dual In-Line Package Switch

DLC - Data Link Control

DLCI - Data Link Connection Identifier

DMA - Direct Memory Access

DMS - Digital Multiplex System

DNS - Domain Name Service

DQDB - Distributed Queue Dual Bus

DSAP - Destination Service Access Point

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line

DSLAM - Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer

DS-0 - Digital Signal (Level 0)

DS-1 - Digital Signal (Level 1)

DS-3 - Digital Signal (Level 3)

DSR - Data Set Ready

DSU - Data Service Unit

DSX - Digital Service Cross-Connect

DTE - Data Terminal Equipment

DTL - Designated Transit List

DTL IE - Designated Transit List Information Ethernet

DTMF - Dial Tone Multiple Frequency

DVD - Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc.

DVMA - Direct Virtual Memory Access

DWDM - Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

DXI - Data Exchange Interface

DXI - Digital Exchange Interface