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Technology Acronyms


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Select a letter above to access the technology acronyms in alphabetical order.

E-1 - European (Signal Level 1)

E-3 - European (Signal Level 3)

E&M - Earth & Magnet

ECM - External Configuration Model

EDFG - Edge Device Functional Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EFCI - Explicit Forward Congestion Indication

EFCN - Explicit Forward Congestion Notification

EGP - External (Exterior) Gateway Protocol

EISA - Extended Industry Standard Architecture

ELAN - Emulated LAN (ATM Forum LANE)

EMI - ElectroMagnetic Interface

EMI - Electromagnetic Interference

EMS - Element Management System

EOM - End of Message

EPRCA - Enhanced Proportional Rate Control Algorithm

EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EQL - Equilization

ER - Explicit Rate

E-rate - Universal Service Support Mechanism for Schools and Libraries

ES - Erred Seconds

ESCON - Enterprise Systems CONnection

ESF - Extended Super Frame

ESI - End System Identifier

ESN - Electronic Serial Number

ESS - Electronic Switching System

ETACS - Extended TACS


FA - Fuse Alarm

FCAPS - Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

FCDL - Funding Commitment Decision Letter

FCS - Frame Check Sequence

FCVC - Flow Controlled Virtual Circuit

FD - Frame Discard

FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FEA - Functional Entity Action (UNI 3.0, C.3.2.3)

FEBE - Far End Block Error (SONET)

FEC - Forward Error Correction

FECN - Forward Explicit Congestion Notification

FG - Functional Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)

FGD - Frame Ground

FIFO - First-In, First-Out

FO - Fiber Optics

FQ - Fair Queuing

FR - Frame Relay

FRN - Funding Request Number (Block 5 of Form 471)

FR-SSCS - Frame Relay Service Specific Convergence Sublayer

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

FUD - Fear Uncertainty Doubt

FUNI - Frame based User-to-Network Interface (ATM Forum)


GAN - Global Area Network

GB - GigaByte

Gbps - Gigabit per second

GCRA - Generic Cell Rate Algorithm

GFC - Generic Flow Control

GOSIP - Government OSI Protocol

GSM - Group Special Mobile

GUI - Graphical User Interface