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Technology Acronyms


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Select a letter above to access the technology acronyms in alphabetical order.

LAN - Local Area Network

LANE - LAN Emulation (ATM Forum)

LAP-B - Link Access Protocol-Balanced

LAPB - Link Access Protocol B-Channel

LAPD - Link Access Protocol D-Channel

LATA - Local Access Transport Area

LBL - Lawrence Berkeley Labs

LBO - Line Build Out

LCD - Loss of Cell Delineation

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

LCT - Last Compliance Time (used in GCRA definition)

LE - Link Encapsulation

LEC - LAN Emulation Client or Local Exchange Carrier

LEC - Local Exchange Carrier

LECS - LAN Emulation Configuration Server

LED - Light Emitting Diode

LENNI - LAN Emulation NNI

LES - LAN Emulation Server

LGN - Logical Group Node (ATM Forum, PNNI)

LIFO - Last-in, First-Out

LIS - Logical IP Subnet

LLC - Logical Link Control

LLC/SNAP - Logical Link Control/Subnetwork Access Protocol

LOF - Loss of Frame

LOP - Loss of Pointer

LOS - Loss of Signal

LRF - Little Rubber Feet

LSB - Least Significant Bit

LTE - Line Terminating Equipment

LUNI - LAN Emulation UNI

LV - Low Voltage


MAC - Media Access Control

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

MARS - Multicast Address Resolution Server (Draft IETF-IPATM-IPMC-04)

MAU - Multistation Access Unit (IEEE 802.5)

MAU - Medium Attachment Unit (IEEE 802.3)

MBONE - Multi-Media Backbone

Mbps - Megabits (millions of bits) per second

MBS - Maximum Burst Size

MCC - Maintenance Control Center

MCR - Minimum Cell Rate

MCS - Multicast Server

MDF - Main Distribution Frame

MID - Message IDentifier

MIB - Management Information Base


MM - Multi-Mode

MMF - MultiMode Fiber

MPC - MPOA Client

MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group

MPLS - Multi-Protocol Label Switching

MPOA - MultiProtocol Over ATM

MPS - MPOA Server

MSA - Metropolitan Statistical Area

MSB - Most Significant Bit

MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure

MTBO - Mean Time Between Outages

MTSO - Mobile Telephone Switching Office

MTSR - Mean Time To Service Restoral

MTTR - Mean Time To Repair

MTU - Maximum Transfer Unit