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Technology Glossary


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K - In metric terms, one thousand (1000). In computer memory and storage terms, two to the tenth power, or 1,024 bytes.

Kbps - Kilo (1000) bits per second.

Keyboard - Set of alphanumeric and functional keys as on a teletypewriter.

KHz - Kilohertz.

Kilo - Prefix meaning one thousand.

Kilocycle/s - One thousand cycles per second, a kiloherz.

Kilowatt - One thousand watts.

Kludge - A hardware or software solution that has been improvised. Slang for makeshift.

Knife Switch - A type of switch often used in power control circuits with large fixed contacts and a hinged blade which ‘knifes’ its way between two fixed plates to make good contact over a comparatively large surface area.

KVA - Kilovolt amperes (volt ampere product x 1000).

KW - Kilowatts (watts x 1000).

KWh - Kilowatt hours (watt hour x 1000).