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Technology Glossary


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WAN (Wide-Area Network) - a network that covers a large geographic area.

Warm Start Trap - a CellPath 300 SNMP trap that indicates that SNMP alarm messages or agents have been enabled.

Watt - Unit of electric power.

Watt Hour - Unit of electrical energy equal to one watt of power consumed for an hour.

Waveform - The characteristic shape of a period signal usually shown as a plot of amplitude over a period of time.

WECO - An abbreviation for Western Electric Company.

Weighted - In Queuing theory, relates to the pre-assignment of "weights" to multiple queues to establish priority.

Weightings (Noise) - A subjective measuring technique by which the annoyance effects of electrical noise at various frequencies that are on a telephone line can be compared to common noise reference. Two weightings are often used in the specifications: (1) the EIA line weighting, which was developed using the characteristics of the 302 telephone set as a reference; and (2) the C message weighting, which was developed using the characteristics of the 500 type of telephone set as a reference.

Wideband Channel - Communications channel with more capacity (19.2K bps) than the standard capacity of a voice grade line.

Winding - The coils of an alternator. Stator (armature) winding consists of a number of coils and their interconnections. Rotor winding.

WinSock 2.0 - The Windows Socket (WinSock) API provides a common programming interface between a Windows application and the TCP/IP protocol.

Wire - A single metallic conductor, usually solid-drawn and circular in cross section.

Wire Drawing - Pulling out a hot metal rod and making it into wire.

Wire Gauges - Systems or devices for measuring the thickness of wire. Examples include ISO (International Standards Organization), AWG (American Wire Gauge), SWG (Standard Wire Gauge), BG (Birmingham Gauge), LPG (Lancashire Pinion Wire Gauge), and Stubs Steel Wire Gauge.

Wireless - Without wires.

Wireline - FCC regulations restrict providers of cellular telephone service in any given market to one wireline carrier (the local telephone company) and one non-wireline carrier (any company other than the local telephone company).

Wireline Cellular Carrier (or Block "B" Carrier) - Under the FCC's initial licensing procedures, the Block B carrier is the local telephone company. The FCC reserved one of the two systems in every market for the local telephone - or wireline - company. After initial licensing, the istinction can disappear; the local phone company can sell its cellular system to anyone. Wireline or Block B systems operate on the frequencies 835 to 845 MHz and 846.5 to 849 MHz (mobile to base) and 880 to 890 MHz and 891.5 to 894 MHz (base to mobile).

Wire Terminal - Terminal strip designed for use with multipair distribution wire.

Wire Wrapping - Termination of wires on tags by firmly wrapping the wire around a sharp-cornered tag which bites through the insulator to the conductor.

Wire Wrapping Tool - Hand tool used to wrap connecting wires around the rectangular solderless terminals used in place of soldering tags on terminal blocks.

Wire Wrap Terminal - A tag with sharp corners designed for a wire wrapping tool to be used to make connection.

Wiring Diagram - A point to point, highway or airline wiring format which defines the wiring path and color code of wire to and from apparatus components.

Wiring Harness - Method of making up cable forms and groups of pre-cut and laced-up individual insulated wires prior to the assembly of units so that terminations on shelves or other units may be easily connected onto the correct wires.

Wiring Layout Drawing - A wiring diagram showing colors, gauges, etc., of wires and detailed layouts thereof.

Work Order - An order to perform certain work, together with the authority to incur expenditure.