Draft Vendor Contract Letter

Note: The purpose of this letter is to create an E-rate applicant’s contractual agreement to purchase eligible products and services for the following funding year based on the acceptance of the attached specifications and price quotations (in lieu of a more formal integrated contract).

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To Be Placed on
Applicant Letterhead

Date 1

Name and Address
of Vendor Selected

Dear __________ :

This letter will confirm our decision to purchase $____________ of [specify product/service] from your company during the next E-rate funding year (07/01/200_ to 06/30/200_) as specified in the attached specifications and price quotations.

The procurement of these [product(s)/service(s)] will be dependent upon the following conditions [choose any that apply]:

  1. Final approval of next year’s fiscal budget;
  2. Contract confirmation by next year’s school board;
  3. Award of associated E-rate funding.

To accept these terms and conditions, please sign below and return by fax to NNN-NNN-NNNN.3

We look forward to working with [vendor name] on this project.

Vendor agreement:

[ Name of Vendor Representative]

Date ____________



[ Your Name and Title ]

Attachments [list]

  1. Letter should be dated on or after the applicant’s Allowable Vendor Selection/Contract Date, based on the applicant’s Form 470 filing. The date should also be on or before the applicant’s Form 471 filing date.
  2. For non-recurring services, it is suggested that the terminating date be specified as 09/30/200_.
  3. E-rate rules no longer require that contracts be counter-signed by the service provider (unless required by state contract law).  However, to provide an added level of formality to simplified contracts of this form, E-Rate Central recommends that it be signed and dated by both parties.  If the two signature dates are different, the effective date of the contract will be deemed to be the later of these two dates