Draft Vendor Selection Letter

Note: The purpose of this letter is to document an E-rate applicant’s agreement to purchase eligible products and services under a state master contract for the following funding year.

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To Be Placed on
Applicant Letterhead



Date 1


Name and Address
of Vendor Selected


Dear __________ :

This letter is to notify you of our decision to purchase $____________ of [specify product/service or reference more detailed attachment] from your company during the next E-rate funding year (07/01/20__ to 06/30/20__ 2) under the terms of [specify state master contract designation].

The procurement of these [product(s)/service(s)] will be dependent upon the following conditions [choose any that apply]:

  1. Final approval of next year’s fiscal budget;
  2. Contract confirmation by next year’s school board;
  3. Award of associated E-rate funding.


We look forward to working with [vendor name] on this project.



[ Name and Title ]


  1. Letter should be dated on or after the applicant's Allowable Vendor Selection/Contract Date, based on the applicant's Form 470 filing. The date should also be on or before the applicant's Form 471 filing date.
  2. For non-recurring services, it is suggested that the terminating date be specified as 09/30/20_.