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In This Week's Issue
» Funding Status Update
» E-Rate Updates and Reminders
» Schools and Libraries News Brief dated July 13 – Appeal Decisions

E-Rate Central News for the Week
July 16, 2012


The E-Rate Central News for the Week is prepared by E-Rate Central. E-Rate Central specializes in providing consulting, compliance, and forms processing services to E-rate applicants. To learn more about our services, please contact us by phone (516-801-7804), fax (516-801-7814), or through our Contact Us Web form. Additional E-rate information is located on the E-Rate Central Web site.

Funding Status

Wave 3 for FY 2012 will be released on Tuesday, July 17, for $25.8 million. This will bring cumulative FY 2012 funding to $734 million. As is typically the case for early funding waves, only Priority 1 applications are being funded at this time.

The good news for the highest discount applicants is that USAC has notified the FCC that it has identified a total of $1.05 billion which are available to carry forward into subsequent funding years. If the FCC approves the full amount for carry-over into FY 2012, USAC believes that "such funds would be sufficient to make commitments at the 90% level for Priority 2 requests."

Wave 52 for FY 2011 will be released on Wednesday, July 18, 2012. Cumulative funding for FY 2011 is $2.25 billion. Priority 2 funding is being provided at 89% and above, and denied at 80% and below.

Wave 98 for FY 2010 is scheduled for release on Monday, July 16th, for $13.8 million. Cumulative funding for the year is $3.05 billion. Priority 2 funding is being provided at all discount levels.

Looking ahead to FY 2013, USAC has updated the online Form 470 to make 2013 the default funding year (see current SLD News Brief for additional information).

E-Rate Updates and Reminders

FCC Seeks Comment on Draft ESL for FY 2013:

The FCC has released the draft FY 2013 Eligible Services List ("ESL") for public comment (see DA 12-1052). The proposed ESL makes no significant changes in product and service eligibility, but does include a restructuring of the Priority 1 services under new section headings (see our newsletter dated July 9, 2012). Comments on the draft ESL are due August 6th; reply comments are due August 21st.

Last week, the State E-Rate Coordinators' Alliance ("SECA") filed early comments urging the FCC to further reorganize and simplify the ESL by reducing the number of filing categories to two — simply Priority 1 and Priority 2 services. The SECA filing argues that the current category structure, particularly Telecommunications Services and Internet Access in Priority 1, is confusing to applicants, is a source of unnecessary funding denials, and is no longer needed.

Registration for SLD Fall Training:

Five of the SLD's eight regional applicant training sessions scheduled for this fall are already closed or available only on a waiting list basis. Online registration links to the individual sessions are as follows:

City Date

Washington DC

Monday, October 1   (Closed)

Dallas, Texas

Tuesday, October 9   (waiting list)

Saint Louis, Missouri

Tuesday, October 16   (waiting list)

Atlanta, Georgia

Thursday, October 18

Newark, New Jersey

Tuesday, October 23   (waiting list)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tuesday, October 30

Portland, Oregon

Thursday, November 1

Los Angeles, California

Wednesday, November 7   (waiting list)

Returning Funds to USAC:

Applicants or service providers who have received funds from USAC in error and need to return those funds should follow the Payment Instructions on the SLD Web site. USAC is requesting that anyone paying by check indicate the associated FRN number on the check to assure that the payment is properly credited.

FCC Seeks Comment on VPN Remote Access:

As discussed in our newsletter of June 25, 2012, the FCC is seeking comment on a petition for clarification filed by the State Educational Technology Directors Association ("SETDA"). SETDA's petition asks for clarification on the "educational purpose" criterion as it applies to remote VPN access to school computer systems by students and teachers. Comments are due July 23; reply comments are due August 6.

Schools and Libraries News Brief Dated July 13 – Appeal Decisions

The News Brief for July 13, 2012, discusses USAC procedures when applicant E-rate appeals are decided by either USAC or the FCC. The article covers:

  • The types of decisions that may result including: full approval, complete denial, and a range of intermediate actions.
  • The two forms of letters that USAC uses to notify applicants: Administrator's Decision Letters ("ADLs") and Revised Funding Commitment Decision Letters ("RFCDLs").
  • Funding denials that are appealed to USAC.
  • Invoice deadline extension denials that are appealed to USAC.
  • Appeals remanded to USAC by the FCC.


Disclaimer: This newsletter may contain unofficial information on prospective E-rate developments and/or may reflect our own interpretations of E-rate practices and regulations. Such information is provided for planning and guidance purposes only. It is not meant, in any way, to supplant official announcements and instructions provided by either the SLD or the FCC.